COVID-19 & Telemedicine

At Options Plus, all of our members enrolled in any of our MEC plans receive a Telemedicine benefit as a part of their plan. Using this benefit is beneficial in not only safely receiving a coronavirus diagnosis, but also in receiving care for other health related issues; all without leaving your home.

Testing Information & Tips to Protect Your Family from COVID-19

Tip #1: Utilize Our Coronavirus Assessment Tool

Are you concerned that you may have coronavirus symptoms? Use our quick and easy assessment tool to help determine your next steps. Click here to use coronavirus assessment tool.

Tip #2: Locate Local Testing Locations 

The CDC provides up-to-date information on public health testing locations throughout the United States. Have additional questions on testing locations? Contact your state Health Department. Click here to view the interactive coronavirus testing location map.

Tip #3: Feeling Down? Receive Prompt Medical Assistance 24/7/365

Do you have non-life threatening symptoms and are unsure of your illness? Contact 1.800MD to be promptly connected to a board-certified physician. Our physicians advise, diagnose, provide treatment plans and prescribe medication for a large variety of acute, non-emergency illnesses. Follow-up consultations are provided when necessary.  Medical consultations are available via phone or video. 

Contact us anytime at 800.530.8666.Click here to view the member brochure.

Tip #4: Practice Social Distancing 

As you are aware, popular events and restaurants have closed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying six feet away from others lessens your chance of getting the coronavirus. You can help prevent the spread of the virus by:  

  • If you have children, avoid public areas such as playgrounds
  • Avoid using public transportation if possible.

Click here to learn more about the coronavirus and ways to protect your family.  

Tip #5: Additional Tips to Stop the Spread of COVID-19