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Plans designed to make your employees happy, healthy, and productive. 

Upgrade your employee benefits with a low-cost non-traditional benefit program. Your employees will save time and money, while you boost morale and improve employee retention.

  • Reduce healthcare spend
  • Improve claims experience
  • Create educated healthcare consumersIncrease

We can help you lower absenteeism, retain loyal employees, and enhance your compensation package.

With multiple plans and over 30 benefits to choose from, we can help you select just the right plans your employees need and want. Whether your employees are young with growing families, single, 1099/self-employed, or seniors; we have plans designed specifically for their unique needs.

Don't see what you need? Ask us about creating custom plans. We can help you create just the plan you’re looking for.


  1. Contact Options Plus to discuss offering plans to your employees.
  2. Choose employer paid or voluntary benefits.
  3. Enroll your employees.
  4. Receive an Employer Portal and resources to manage your group.


Customer Service #: 800.800.7616

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Why our plans are great for you!

  • No Group Minumum

    Dont worry about how many employees you have. We can offer these benefits to as many or as few members as you want.

  • No Cost to Employer

    If the employer chooses to offer these plans on a voluntary basis or via payroll deduction, we can walk you through those options as well.

  • Increase Productivity

    With benefits like Telemedicine, Health Advocate, and more, your employees can get the necessary health care and information they need without taking time away from their work week.

  • Retain Employees

    With some of the best benefits to offer, these plans increase overall employee happiness and retention.