Physician & Hospital Discounts

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Save 10% to 40% on most medical services at over 340,000 participating physicians, ancillary facilities, and hospitals.
  • Includes family doctors, specialists, alternative care providers, facilities and hospitals
  • The ValuePoint provider network was established by MultiPlan®, the industry’s most comprehensive provider of healthcare cost management solutions
  • You and your immediate family can save using the ValuePoint network
  • No health restrictions, age limits, or usage/savings maximums
  • National savings average 39% at doctor offices, 28% at ancillary facilities, and 21% at hospitals

ValuePoint Physician & Hospital Discounts FAQ

Q. Can I use this benefit in conjunction with health insurance? If so, how does this work?
A. Your discount benefit does not work with traditional co-pay insurance, unless the procedure isn’t covered by your insurance. However, you may use the discount benefit to reduce out-of-pocket expenses on non-covered services or indemnity type insurance plans.

Q. Is there a co-pay or deductible?
A. No, this is not insurance. You must pay the discounted total at the time of service.

Q. What if I have an emergency?
A. In the event of an emergency call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department. Present your membership card with the ValuePoint by MultiPlan® logo to adminstration.

Q. Can my family use this benefit?
A. All immediate family, including spouse and legal dependents, can use this benefit.

Q. Can I go to an out-of-network provider and receive a discount?
A. No. This benefit only applies to procedures performed by an in-network provider.

Q. What are ancillary medical facilities?
A. Ancillary facilities consist of a wide range of specialty healthcare services supporting primary care. Examples include laboratory testing, radiology, genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation centers, hospice care, long-term acute care, nursing facilities, urgent care, as well as physical, occupational, chiropractic, massage and speech therapy.

Q. How do I find out if my provider is in the network?
A. Log on to or call the number on your membership card to find a participating physician, ancillary facility, or hospital.

Q. How many providers are in the network?
A. The ValuePoint by MultiPlan® network offers access to 275,000 practitioners, 1,300 hospitals, and 67,000 ancillary facilities.

Q. How many times per year can I use this benefit?
A. You can use this benefit as often as needed.