Tax Hotline

Tax experts provide advice, planning and audit assistance to help you avoid mistakes, penalties and interest. Your year-end tax preparation is painless and frustration free!

  • Advice from tax attorneys, financial analysts, CPA's, former auditors and/or Enrolled Agents certified by the IRS
  • Unlimited advice on federal taxes
  • Free tax return preparation for 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 and review of last year’s return (limit one per household)
  • Discounts on other tax forms and schedules


Tax Hotline FAQ

Q. Who will I speak to when I call Tax Hotline?

A. All tax and financial assistance is provided by tax attorneys, financial analysts, CPAs, former auditors and/or Enrolled Agents certified by the IRS.

Q. I use a tax preparation software to file taxes, so do I need Tax Hotline?

A. Tax Hotline answers your questions immediately and gives advice specific to your unique situation.

Q. How would Tax Hotline assist me in the event of an audit?

A. Tax Hotline will review any notice or letter issued by the IRS and provide professional advice on how to understand and solve the matter.

Q. What sort of questions can I ask?

A. You may ask questions covering any aspect of U.S. tax law, such as:

  • Should I open a ROTH IRA?
  • How does the capital gains tax work?
  • Is the money I inherited taxable?
  • Which tax form do I file?
  • Is my Social Security or retirement taxable?
  • Do I get a break for child care expenses?
  • Should I itemize deductions?
  • Which deductions can I take if I have a home-based business?